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Bunion Treatment Options in Hawthorne, NJ

A “bunion” typically refers to a joint deformity of the big toe, often indicated by a bump on the outside of the big toe joint, and/or another bump on the second toe that is caused by abnormal contact with the big toe. Bunions do not always require treatment, but there are many treatment options available.

We are pleased to treat clients in Hawthorne as well as Paterson, North Haledon, West Caldwell, Pompton Lakes, Franklin Lakes, Oakland, NJ, Wyckoff, Fair Lawn, and Midland Park. Bunions can be caused by the genetic structure of your foot, by wearing tight shoes, by medical conditions such as arthritis, or by stress on your foot caused by injuries or the way in which you stand or walk. Wearing low-heeled shoes that fit properly (not tightly) may reduce your risk of bunions.

Symptoms of Bunions

Bunions can cause swelling, redness, soreness, corns or calluses, pain, and restricted toe movement as well as a bulge or bump on the base of your big or little toe. We can identify bunions with a simple non-intrusive examination, which may be followed by an X-ray to determine cause and severity.

Best Bunion Treatment in NJ

Bunions don’t always require treatment, but if they cause reduced movement, pain, visible bumps on your joints, or difficulty finding shoes that fit, it is a good idea to make an appointment with our Hawthorne podiatry practice. If left untreated, they can cause bursitis, hammertoe, or metatarsalgia.

Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment in North NJ

We may recommend simple steps such as applying ice, changing your shoes, using over-the-counter bunion pads and tape, an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen, or padded shoe inserts or arch supports.

Bunion Surgery in Hawthorne, NJ

If your bunions are interfering with your everyday life, surgery may be your best option. There are many surgical techniques to treat bunions, such as removing swollen tissue from around the toe joint, removing part of the bone to straighten the toe joint, permanently joining the bones in the affected joint, or realigning the long bone between the back of the foot and the toe to straighten the abnormal angle of the toe joint.

You may be able to walk shortly after the procedure, but a full recovery can take weeks or months. In order to prevent your bunion from coming back, you will need to wear wide, comfortable shoes even after recovering. In addition to Hawthorne, we treat many patients from Paterson, North Haledon, West Caldwell, Pompton Lakes, Franklin Lakes, Oakland, NJ, Wyckoff, Fair Lawn, and Midland Park.

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